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APACHE V4® is the MBM ERP solution for manufacturing companies.
It's an integrated and modular software that provides management tools to the operational areas of a production company: from the prototyping to the finished products creation, demand planning and sales, inventory management with automatic materials identification, production planning, scheduling and control with simulation and mathematical optimization tools, purchases, product costs analysis, Italian and international accounting, ..., thus ensuring the correct apply of data for an efficient management control.
APACHE V4® has been developed using the latest technologies to make it independent from the base platform, either software or hardware:

  • applications are available in Java language;
  • data bases and application server used  are several and among the most popular;
  • has an effective and intuitive graphical interface developed in Java Server Faces and Rich Faces architecture, available via WEB by a normal browser.

Organization support

Process-based management suggests organizational best practices able to increase efficiency and reduce operational time.


The system is completely interactive within the ability to activate massive procedures in case of large data volumes to be processed.

Materials and productive resources planning

Availability of a module for integrated materials and resources planning.


Configurable BOM at any level of structure.

Simulation (What-if)

Simulation tools available for most of the application areas.

Make to Stock - Make to Order

Materials management per order and per inventory.

Production management

The statements of work progress may be related to the single phases of the order.

Production management

Possibility to aggregate work phases of different orders to manage them together.


Work in Progress

Inventory management of the Work in Progress materials.


Fully integration between internal and external production (combined cycles).

Document Management

Documents are all "level rivision" managed, thus allowing the "tracking" of modifications and the preparation in advance of changes.


Management of the events per work progress status, in order to guarantee a right workflow.

Tracking and Tracing

Tracking and tracing of batches, both internal and supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

Integration via Web with materials and labour suppliers.

Multilingual user interface


Quality Certification

Information system consistent with the needs of a modern quality system.

Try and Buy 

It's not easy to choose, why not try first?
Apache V4® is installed on dedicatad servers and it's available via internet to do some tests, even with your own data.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

In addition to the traditional licensing methods, Apache V4® is also accessible in SaaS, billing is based on the real usage.

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